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UGC-CARE List Group II

This journal is part of UGC-CARE List as Group II and searchable through following links.


1. Vegetation succession and habitat restoration in Dutch lichen-rich inland drift sands
    – Rita Ketner-Oostra, André Aptroot, Pieter D. Jungerius and Karlè V. Sýkora
    Page No:1-24

2. A method for selecting plant species for reintroduction purposes: A case-study on steppe grassland plants in Thuringia (Germany)
    Oliver Kienberg, Lisa Thill; University of Trier, Spatial and Environmental Sciences / Geobotany, Behringstraße 21, 54286 Trier
    Page No:25-46

3. Succession of a degraded bog in NE Denmark over 164 years – monitoring one of the earliest restoration experiments
    – Johannes Kollmann and Kristine Kjørup Rasmussen –
    Page No:47-66

4. Co-ordinate Transformation of Satellite Orbits for Ionospheric and Tropospheric Pierce Points: Visualization and Computation
    Ms. Pooja S.K, Ms. Pooja Arekal K; Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology
    Page No:67-70

5. Review on Speed Control of Vehicle in Accident Zone
    Akash O, Ch. Rakesh Singh,A Shabaz Khan; AIET, Moodbidri
    Page No:71-76

6. Analysis of Various Domino Logic Designs for Low Power Consumption, Noise Immunity and High Speed Performance
    Rajesh Kumar Paul, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta; AISECT University, Bhopal
    Page No:77-87






Volume XI, Issue VIII, August-2010